Detox of South Florida

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site


Detox of South Florida has helped around 4,000 individuals who have addicted to one thing or another. 98% of the (ex) addicts stay on the road of being clean and sober. This is partially thanks to the team at the facility including 3 doctors,2 medical staff and 3 office staff.

What They Do

first, they offer individualized treatment options for each person. This occurs by listening to each persons needs.Second, they leave no stone unturned by using comprehensive options. This occurs by finding the root of each addiction and clearing it. Last, they help each patient ensure a productive and healthy lifestyle. Outpatient recovery is paired with the in patient to ensure a continues link to sobriety.


First one must recognized or ask for help and contact the company. Once this is done a physician/qualified staff member will do an initial assessment of the person. Then a course of action will be made, this may include inpatient or outpatient help or a combination of both. Then comes the next step and that is to complete the program and stay clean once completed.


The company offers a total of 5 locations. They are in Okeechobee, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Orlando. Sobering near a facility should not be an issue for someone seeking help.


South beach Detox is a complete comprehensive facility for addiction and can assist in becoming sober. With the right mindset, attitude and hard work you or someone close to you can achieve sobriety. So, take the first step and find a location that fits you. Admit you want help and come get the help deserved. Click on for more details.


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