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The American Society of Addiction Medicine or commonly known as (ASAM) classifies drug addiction as a chronic disease that effects memory and the motivational parts of the brain. Abnormality in the brains circuit leads to Social, psychological and spiritual manifestations. Simply put, drugs have a negative effect on the brain, these effects lead into dependency and addiction, hurting yourself and everyone around you. Frequent substance abuse leads to chemical changes in the brain that impairs the ability to function normally without the substance in the body’s system. Quitting the drug cold turkey or without the assistance from someone else can prove to also have negative consequences, this can result in withdraws and craving for the substance to regain the chemical balance needed. Most people use drugs because they start off experimenting or give into peer pressure, there are other ways people get started though. Depression and opiate use are another couple common ways people get started in drug addiction. Depression causes feelings of anxiety and overwhelming sadness, this can be influenced by the loss of a job, marital issues, falling out’s, debt, the list goes on. Substance use for depression is generally sought out to help alleviate some of these issues, even if for a short period of time. Often times when drug use is first started, the user will have no idea they even have the disease, some are to proud to admit they have it and others might just start to become aware of it, the result is the same regardless. Opiate use plays a big factor in substance abuse, they are very addicting and can lead to a user searching for other options to experience the same “high” given by the prescription. Opiate’s tend to lose their effect once taken over a period of time, the truth is it only takes a couple months of use for a person to start showing addicting behavior. Over half of all substance users suffer from some form of mental impairment, these impairments often lead to exploring substances to help the brain cope with everyday life. Read on for more details.


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